Welcome to Living Productions, the portfolio site of Duane Hartman, Jr. Check out the cavalcade of design and illustration on the Digital Portfolio page. I am currently looking for full-time digital illustration and graphic design work. My undergraduate degree is a B.S. in Comprehensive Biology with an Environmental Health emphasis. I concomitantly worked on a minor in Graphic Design, and upon graduation re-enlisted for more credit hours in design, pursuing a B.F.A.

Just about 12 hours shy of finishing my B.F.A. in Graphic Design, I had the blessing of being hired on as a graphic designer for Morris Printing Group in Kearney, Nebraska, where I worked for nearly five years. At Morris Printing Group [MPG] I worked in the Marketing department (formerly R & D) doing design/layout, digital illustration, and product research and development. The primary emphases of the position included continual publishing and development of the SchoolMate school planner line of products, as well as materials for the Morris Fundraising Cookbooks division. In addition, I had the responsibilities of assisting our team in developing expansion products for other divisions under the parent company MPG. This included various journals for Morris Publishing, scrap booking materials for our newly-released scrap booking kits, and vehicle wraps and storefront signage for our downtown Morris Press printing business.

In the transition period since being at MPG, I have had the benefit of working as a Youth Educator/Behavioral Health Worker in both a group home and residential treatment facility for boys. Throughout this time period since being in full-time graphic design, I have kept busy doing volunteer design and illustration work for various entities. Among these, I designed marks and supporting materials for Tohu Bohu, a wood craftsmanship business specializing in using rare woods to create furniture and hand-hewn accessories. Currently, I am bolstering my repertoire of medical and scientific illustration.

When I have time for research and expanding my skill set, I continue to develop my skills with Blender (3-D modelling and animation), Adobe Animation (motion graphics),  and honing my drawing skills with a Wacom tablet and Autodesk SketchBook Pro. Using these skills with the workhorse packages in the Adobe Creative Suite (i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign), I enjoy blending the creative with the scientific and exploring biomedical visualization: the art of rendering scientific concepts in an audiovisual environment. In particular, I thoroughly enjoy the study of human anatomy and physiology, and learning about the intricacies of what comprises the processes of being alive.

I hope this gives you a modicum of insight into my career goals and interests. If you have any questions or curiosities, please go to the Contacts page and fire me an email or phone call. I appreciate your time and interest very much. If you want to check out my Linked In profile, please click the link below.

Duane R. Hartman, Jr.

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